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The Ultimate Cheese Making Kit (makes 40 batches!)


The Ultimate Cheese Making Kit (makes 40 batches!)

Product Details

  • Product Dimensions: 24 x 15 x 14 cm
  • Manufacturer reference: AM07
  • Brand: The Big Cheese Making Kit
  • Manufacturer/Producer: The Big Cheese Making Kit
  • Shipping Weight: 939 g
  • Now makes 10 cheeses. It's bigger, better and more stylish than ever!
  • Easy to follow instructions and recipe book
  • Enough ingredients to make 40 batches (not all at once!)
  • Over one year shelf life
  • All our Kits are 100% vegetarian and are gluten free

Meet our new and improved Ultimate Cheese Making Kit! It's bigger, better and now even more stylish.

Imagine the fun your Dad, brother or best friend will have making cheese. Imagine being their official cheese taster. Better still, imagine making it yourself! And all in around an hour.

With these 10 different cheeses to make across 40 batches it's enough to keep everyone in cheese for quite some time:

• Mozzarella
• Ricotta
• Mascarpone
• Halloumi
• Feta
• Scottish Crowdie
• Labner
• Goat's Cheese
• Queso Blanco
• Paneer

It contains all the ingredients for cheese making with the addition of herbs and spices to help create your own flavours, and three cheese moulds that shape cheeses into wonderful centrepieces.

The crowning glory is our recipe book... it really is a beautiful thing to behold! For each cheese you get wonderful recipes such as Lemon, Basil, Ricotta and Almond Cake, and Battered Halloumi. Yum!

There's enough ingredients to make 40 batches, with each batch weighing between 600-900g depending on the cheese. There's no need to make it all at once though... that would be a crazy amount of cheese! Stored in your cupboard this kit will last well over a year so you have plenty of time to enjoy it!

Kit contains: easy to follow step by step instructions, guide and recipe book, citric acid, organic sea salt, butter muslin, dairy thermometer, 3 cheese moulds, herbs & spices. Allergens: See ingredient list for potential allergens. Packaged in an environment where trace elements of nut may be found. Ingredients: Organic Sea Salt 200g, Anhydrous Citric Acid 200g, Strip of 10 Vegetarian Rennet Tablets (Enzymatic Microbial Coagulant), Dried Basil 10g, Ground Cinnamon 10g, Lemon Pepper 10g, Dried Mint 10g, Paprika 10g.

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