Ice Ball Maker Mold & Collapsible Funnel — 6 Perfect 1.8 Inch Ice Spheres in Flexible Silicone Tray — Foldable Funnel for Liquid Transfer — Dishwasher Safe

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  • KEEP YOUR DRINK COOL, NOT WATERY ★ The Deiss Ice Ball Maker creates 6 perfect 4.6 cm spheres of ice. Due to its small surface area, a ball-shaped piece of ice melts more slowly than a traditional ice cube, keeps things cool and dilutes your beverage at a slower rate.
  • EASY TO USE AND FUN FOR ANY OCCASION ★ Each sphere lasts over two-and-a-half hours in liquids from apple juice to whiskey and bourbon. The ice fits perfectly into normal-sized glasses and coffee cups. Besides water, you can fill the mold with fruits, ice cream, soda, wine ... anything that will freeze will work! The possibilities are endless!
  • MADE OF FOOD-SAFE MATERIALS ★ Ice Ball Maker is made of 100% BPA-free food-grade silicone. It's absolutely safe and will leave no chemicals or odd taste in your drink. Its durable, leak-free construction is easy to fill, and won't crack like plastic trays or tip over in the freezer. The Ice Ball Maker mold is also flexible, allowing for extremely easy removal of ice balls. No problem with clean-up, either - it's dishwasher safe!
  • BONUS GIFT ★ A universal silicone funnel, valued at £3.95 comes absolutely FREE with your portable Ice Ball Maker! Using the funnel, you can easily pour water into the ice ball press without splashes and drips. The funnel comes in handy for channeling any liquid or fine-grained substances into any containers with a small opening. Thanks to its foldable, compact design, the funnel is easy to store in the kitchen.
  • LIFETIME WARRANTY ★ lifetime warranty on all our products.

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HIGHEST QUALITY SILICONE ICE MOLD - 100% BPA Free food grade silicone chocolate mould; FDA approved Sturdy, easy-to-use silicone construction! both heat (230C or 446F) and cold (-40C or -40F) resistant, making it both oven and freezer safe! Perfect themed parties, or just for everyday fun! FLEXIBLE MOULD - Silicone moulds won't crack or break like; Easy to fill, Easy to use, Easy to clean, Dishwasher safe MAKES PERFECT CHOCOLATE MOULDS - Perfect for Christmas, Valentine's Day, Easter Egg hunts, birthday gifts, Adds instant fun for a rainy day; Ideal for kids' popsicles or ice lollies; Fill mold with fruit or nuts to spice it up! RISK FREE PURCHASE - MoldyFun accessories are simply the best choice with their 100% Lifetime Guarantee with proof of purchase. So grab several molds to always have for you or a friend. See other special offers our website.

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