Electric Corkscrew, Bi-Komfort Bottle Opener, Gift Set, Silver

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Electric Corkscrew, Bi-Komfort Bottle Opener, Gift Set, Silver

Product Details

  • Brand: Bi-Komfort
  • Model Number: 289097011
  • Colour: Silver
  • Item Weight: 281 g
  • Product Dimensions: 4.5 x 4.5 x 25.2 cm
  • Power / Wattage: 5 watts
  • Material: Aluminum Alloy+ABS
  • Auto Shutoff: No
  • Noise Level: 75 dB
  • Shipping Weight: 699 g
  • Quickly & Safety: By using this electric corkscrew, it is easy to open a bottle of wine within 6~8 seconds. Its corkscrew is housed into a hollow and transparent tube, so as to protect users from being injured by the corkscrew, and also protect the corkscrew from damage when falling. The transparent tube is convenient for users to observe the working status of the wine opener.
  • Low Consumptions & Low Noise: By equipping with an advanced electric engine, this bottle opener can work in with a low noise (<75dB) and extremely low power consumption: 4 x AA alkaline batteries (package not included) in full capacity can support to open up 80~100 bottles of wine (depends on battery performance and usage situation).
  • Compact & Easy Portability: This electric corkscrew opener has a net weight of 280g (or ~375g if 4 AA batteries equipped), with a size of diameter 45mm and length 252mm, such a weight and size is very convenient for users to put this wine opener into a handbag, suitcase, and backpack or even carry by hand.
  • Convenient: When the batteries energy was running out, users can simply replace them with new ones then the wine opener can back to work immediately without waiting for recharging. Thus it is applicable for home use, catering party, banquets, restaurant, bar, etc. This automatic wine opener has very high an efficiency to open wines; therefore, it is an ideal and easy use wine kit for professional sommeliers and waiters.
  • Luxury Gift Set: This luxury wine opener gift set includes an electric corkscrew and 3 wine accessories: foil cutter, wine pourer and vacuum stopper (air pump bottle stopper).

This deluxe wine opener gift set includes an electric corkscrew and 3 wine gadgets: foil cutter, wine pourer and vacuum wine stopper.

Electric Corkscrew : Facilitate user to open a bottle of wine within 6~8 seconds.
Foil Cutter : Use for cutting off the sealing capsule before open a bottle of wine.
Wine Pourer : Mitigating the splashing when pouring.
Wine Stopper : After pumping out the air from a wine bottle, the taste of remained wine can be prolonged up to 7 days.


1 x Electric Corkscrew;
1 x Foil Cutter;
1 x Vacuum Wine Stopper;
1 x Wine Pourer.
(Note: No battery included in this package.)
1 x User Manual

Wine Opener Specification:

Working Voltage: 6V DC (4 x AA batteries)
Rated Power: 5 Watt
Size: diameter at 4.5cm, length 252mm.
Net Weight: 280g (0.62lb, excludes battery)
(Note: If 4 AA batteries equipped, its weight will be around 375g).
Body Material: Aluminum Alloy + ABS
Corkscrew Material: Stainless Steel with Teflon coated (Teflon is a trade mark of DuPont)

Brief Usage Guide:

1. Equip 4 x AA alkaline batteries properly (the polarity indicated on the edge of battery holder);
2. Cut off the sealing foil with foil cutter;
3. Put the wine opener on the bottle mouth and point the corkscrew vertically to the central of the cork;
4. Press the corkage button (the lower one) until the cork is pulled out from the bottle;
5. Press the cork back button (the upper one) to eject the cork from the corkscrew.


Keep the wine opener and wine accessories away from children to avoid injury!