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Coles Calligraphy Set Includes Wooden Dip Pen/Nibs (Pack of 8)/ Ink Bottle...


Coles Calligraphy Set Includes Wooden Dip Pen/Nibs (Pack of 8)/ Ink Bottle (Pack of 2)

Product Details

  • Brand name: Coles
  • Model Number: 2301
  • Item Weight: 159 g
  • Package Dimensions: 29.4 x 7.8 x 3.2 cm
  • Manufacturer Part Number: 2301
  • Shipping Weight: 159 g
  • Unusual wooden pen with 8 nibs
  • 2 ink bottles included
  • Hand-made in Italy

Can you remember how you felt when you last received a hand-written note? Can you remember the last time you sent one? In a world which is increasingly obsessed with the latest digital communication tools and online interaction, hand-written letters have sadly become a lost art. A hand-written letter is extraordinarily private, precious and conveys emotion not possible with email or text messages. The Coles range is comprised of timelessly classic, Italian-crafted feather quill pens and traditional calligraphy sets of quills, inks and nibs, ideal for restoring old fashioned values and elegant handwriting. This wooden pen set is ideal for a complete novice or even for the more experienced calligrapher, with the wide range of nibs included to produce a multitude of line widths. Key Features This unusual wooden pen is accompanied by 8 nibs of differing sizes, giving you total flexibility over the line widths you produce when writing. 2 ink bottles of ink are included for a longer writing experience Exquisitely packaged in a premium gift box along with an instruction scroll to get you started. Made in Italy with a card of authenticity included in the boxWooden Dip Pen, 8 Nibs and 2 Bottles of Ink

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