A True Standout! Classic Red 3D Telephone Booth / Box Magnetic...

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A True Standout! Classic Red 3D Telephone Booth / Telephone Box Magnetic Magnet Bottle Opener London Souvenir / Speicher / Memoria! British Phone Box / Telephone Booth Bottle Opener! Quality Red Moulded London Icon! Décapsuleur / Apribottiglie / Flaschenöffner / Abrebotellas Decal Custom Collection UK Souvenir!

Product Details

  • Brand: Bottle Openers
  • Colour: Red
  • Item Weight: 40.8 g
  • Product Dimensions: 2.5 x 1.6 x 11 cm
  • Material: stainless steel
  • Shipping Weight: 40.8 g
  • THE PERFECT GIFT! This Red Telephone Booth / Telephone Box Bottle Opener is perfect for employees, students, bosses, colleagues and friends alike! Small but mighty, this is a truly unexpected souvenir that will provide many hours of enjoyment. London, England UK collectibles make the perfect British souvenir gifts! Can be displayed upon walls or even upon refrigerators, as the rear side of collectible contains a magnet! Also great as bottle opener wedding favors!
  • IN PERFECT TASTE! We highly recommend these magnetic bottle openers for collectors of all ages! Perfect for soda or for more refined tastes, we know that this is a gift collectible that will be well-received! As souvenir collectors ourselves, we can say that affordable discount British collectibles are where it's at! To give is better than to receive...unless the gift is for yourself! We won't tell.
  • FOR EVERY SEASON! What to get for the traveler and collector who has it all? A magnetic red Telephone Box / Phone Booth bottle opener fridge magnet souvenir UK collectible! Birthdays, holidays, or just because you care...these magnetic bottle openers are highly visible and whimsically lovely. Affordable on every budget, these simple machines are a fun item to collect or share!
  • STYLISH AND NOW. The UK is the place to be! London Telephone Boxes / Phone Booths are so iconic and so highly collectible. What a great and affordable reminder of a London adventure! Magnets are so much fun, so interesting! They bring a smile to the face of everyone who has ever been to the UK, or who would enjoy a trip there! Highly collectible right now...also available in multiples!

What an excellent magnet! This London, UK Telephone Box / Phone Booth magnetic bottle opener souvenir is a must for every serious collector! We're talking a souvenir that is durable, eye-catching, charming and will last. That's some serious enjoyment. We take our collectibles seriously, and we know that the iconic London Phone Booth / Telephone Box is truly collectible. What a great way to hold on to memories of a wonderful trip...or maybe to announce that one is in the future? This London, UK Telephone Box / Phone Booth magnetic bottle opener is a truly affordable and collectible British UK souvenir and is made to last! It is not just a British collectible bottle opener souvenir but serves as a pleasant reminder of friends, adventures, and the overall romance of London. What a town! We really love to remember traveling and exploring the most magical city in the world!