Wine Opener Gift Set, Corkscrew Bottle + 4-in-1 wine opener set

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Wine Opener Gift Set, Corkscrew Bottle + 4-in-1 wine opener set

Product Details

  • Brand: ElevenII
  • Item Weight: 331 g
  • Product Dimensions: 23 x 13 x 6 cm
  • Material: Foil cutter--Hard Aluminum; Wine pourer--Silicone
  • Auto Shutoff: No
  • Special Features: lightweight, easy to open the cork
  • Shipping Weight: 331 g
  • 【Upgraded Air Pressure Pump Cork Remover】Replace the traditional corkscrew, remove the cork entirely by air pressure pump. Remove the foil by foil cutter, center the needle, push down as far as it would go; pump once, hear the air and feel the cork move a little; a few more pumps, cork slid out. Only 30 seconds to open it.
  • 【No Cork Piece Floating】The needle is extremely sharp to go through the hardest and the driest corks. Traditional spiral cork remover will split the moist cork into chip and fall into wine. With this cork pump, you won't have such worry. Cork will pops out entirely, and no muscles needed.
  • 【Popping Sound Similar to Champagne】1, Foil cutter is made by hard aluminum material with 4 round wheel smooth cutting the bottle's foil. 2, Wine aerator pourer is made by silicone, adhered to the bottleneck tightly, avoiding spilled wine messing up with the remaining. 3, Wine vaccum stopper eliminates wasting wine and will preserve flavors, keeping wine fresh!
  • 【Safe ABS Material for Durable Use】Made by high quality ABS material, teflon needle surface of wine opener treated with food grade and resistance to corrosion. Food Grade Silicone for the wine pourer.

The easiest-to-use cork remover- no muscles needed!
How to work:

1.Remove the foil by foil cutter.
2.Center the needle, push down as far as it would go.
3.Pump once, hear the air and feel the cork move a little.
4.A few more pumps, cork slid out.
Only needs about 30 seconds to open.Features:
✔ No cork pieces floating in the bottle
It doesn't like most traditional corkscrew removing the cork by human force, screw into the screw mechanically and pull out with strong muscles. A child can easily use this wine pressure pump.
✔ Works no matter dry hard corks or moist corks
Traditional spiral corkmover: hard to screw if you without muscles.
Air pump remover pumps: pump no more than 8 times, pop put entirely.
✔ As a wine enthusiast, you will have multiple cork opener, but air pressure pump will replace any of your traditional corkscrew, becoming the only remover which anyone can use, no matter for the older, femaleor the child.

1, Adults should be around when children use it.
2, Do not use to open champagne or sparkling wine or plastic cork.
3, Push and pull the outer tube equably. Overexertion will cause temperature of outer tube rise sharply. High temperature will intenerate the plunger inside and affect the actual performance.
4, Reduce pumping force when the cork become flexible. Don't pump too fast or too much.
5, Stop using this wine opener when the outer tube is hot, use it again when cooling down.

(Please check the manual for using the other 3 accessories tool if it necessary. )Packing includes:
1*Air Pressure Wine Bottle Opener
1*Foil Cutter
1*Wine Pourer
1*Vacuum Stopper
1* English user manual
1*Gift Box