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A HUGE range of cool.... Molds | Funko Pops | Plushes | Gifts | Collectibles... It's what we do!

SPLASHOO Kids Bath Bombs for Girls and Boys with Surprise Toys Inside, Gift...


SPLASHOO Kids Bath Bombs for Girls and Boys with Surprise Toys Inside, Gift Set of 6 Huge 5oz Fizzies

Product Details

  • Item Weight: 2.98 pounds
  • Shipping Weight: 2.5 pounds
  • SAY HELLO TO YOUR NEW SUPER FUN KIDS BATH BOMBS Bath time will become your children’s favorite time of the day, thanks to these incredible bath bombs for kids that will bring colors, aromas, and splashy fun into your bathtub. We are making bathtime fun.
  • THEY FIZZ, THEY FLOAT, THEY FOAM Your kids are simply gonna love the feast of colors, fizzing effect, and foam that your brand new kids bath fizzies will create – and when it's over there is a fun little surprise that lies within a protective capsule inside each bath bomb.
  • SIX GIANT FIVE OUNCE BATH BOMBS FOR KIDS WITH DIFFERENT AROMAS …and colors as well. Choose your favorite between Berry Bliss, Melon Mania, Candy Crush, Juicy Orange, Ruby Rose and Lime Fizz and enjoy a kaleidoscope of vivid colors filling your bathtub. With 100 percent natural ingredients our bath balls are also vegan friendly and cruelty free.
  • A UNIQUE GIFT FOR YOUR FRIENDS AND FAMILY Make the difference and offer your children and their friends a special gift instead of their usual presents. They will love you for it - and they will even find a bonus little toy present hiding inside each of our vegan bath bombs.
  • YOUR HAPPINESS IS CRUCIAL TO US – We want to give both you and your children moments of laughter and joy with our premium bath bomb set. However, if you aren’t perfectly happy with them, no worries because we are here to help. Please get in touch so we can ensure your happiness with our kids bath bombs.

Spoil Your Little Prince Or Princess With Our Fantastic Bath Bombs For Girls And Boys Brought To You By SplashooIf you’re looking for an unusual and fun birthday present for your kid or kids look no further. With our 2 in 1 toy-with-an-experience gift set that’s suitable for both boys and girls, you’re sure to please your little one.If you’re struggling at bath time our Splashoo bath bombs for kids are just the thing you need. Each bath bomb also has a surprise toy inside it, contained within a protective plastic capsule. These bath ball fizzies for kids with toys are sure to be a winner with your kids. Your kids will be excited about bath time,Made of natural and safe for the skin ingredients, our colored floating fizzies are extra large, 5 ounce (145 grams) each, they have beautiful aromas, create wonderful fizz and give the tub water vivid colors.Find All 24 Different Toys While Your Kids Enjoy Hours Of Splashing Fun! There are no less than twenty four different toys to be discovered – you can collect them all. Each six-piece set has six different little toys inside; all you need to do is throw them in the water, enjoy your bath and see which one you got when the fizzie is fully dissolved.Not All Children’s Bath Bombs Sets Are Of The Same Quality! Our deluxe fizzies are made of premium quality essential oils. They are perfectly safe for your little angel’s skin, and are vegan with 100% natural ingredients, and they will not stain your bathtub. However, we do suggest that you avoid using the bombs with children under three years old – they are perfect for children from three and over though.Make Bath Time Fun And Easy With Your New Kids Bath Bombs Set – Your Kids Will Thank You For Them