RENJUN Four-axis UAV, Adjustable Wide-angle WIFI Drone, Altitude Intelligent...

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RENJUN Four-axis UAV, Adjustable Wide-angle WIFI Drone, Altitude Intelligent Battery Length Control Fan (15 Minutes) Drone

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  • Brand: RENJUN
  • Model Number: 1745
  • Item Weight: 998 g
  • Shipping Weight: 998 g
  • It allows you to enjoy front view and self-timer, whether you can take pictures with both the upper and lower cameras. It can also tilt to adjust the angle of view to help you find the best point to record an unforgettable moment.
  • Large-size image sensor, new generation 5.8G real-time image transmission, real-time high flying, breathable, three-way electronic anti-shake, only optical anti-shake, to provide you with a professional aerial photography experience.14 permanent magnet rotors, static electricity like water, moving rabbits, smooth protection, large brushless motors, and smooth, professional operation experience like sculpture.
  • Professional-grade full-length GPS chipset, fast search star, accurate and unparalleled, system-level sensor synergy, open a new era of positioning, armed technology muscle, professional, GPS accurate one-button return, peace of mind to release yourself, don't worry.
  • Highlight LED navigation lights, dark night sky like shining stars.The 47 cm body is suitable for large professional drones.Elegant and unusual shape, taste life, start here.Accessories: 1x aircraft, 1x remote control, 4x blade, 1xUSB charging cable, 2x blade protection cap, 1x wrench, 2 rubber pads, 1 bracket, 1 phone clip, 1x1080P camera, 3 fixing screws, 1 screwdriver.