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A HUGE range of cool.... Molds | Gifts | Collectibles... It's what we do!

Gift of Senior Moments Quotations in a jar. 31 Days worth Humorous...


Gift of Senior Moments Quotations in a jar. 31 Days worth of Humorous Thoughts & Quotes for the older citizen. A month of Multi-Coloured Quotes contained in a New Style Premium Italian Glass Jar. The Perfect Gift for those mature persons in your life. Take A Daily Dose of Humour to start your day with a smile.

Product Details

  • Brand: Smiles by Julie
  • Item Weight: 249 g
  • Product Dimensions: 8 x 8 x 8 cm
  • Material: Glass
  • Shipping Weight: 299 g
  • PERFECT GIFT IDEA: The perfect gift .......the perfect present to show your someone how much you care for and how much you value their friendship. A ideal gift for Birthdays, Wedding, Christmas, Secret Santa, Best Wishes & Congratulations for any occasion.
  • ADORABLE GIFT BOX is 12cm x 10.5cm x 10.5cm in size. The 314ml Premium Orcio Italian Glass Jar is 98mm tall x 85mm wide. EXTRA BONUS Quotes included in each jar.
  • SPREAD JOY ALL YEAR: When you buy your Jar of Smiles for Seniors today, you will get a GIFT jar filled to the brim with kind and humourous Quotations. Each jar is hand made and contains 31 colourful quotations in a high quality glass jar for you to pick at random each day of the month.
  • INSPIRATION & MOTIVATION: Smiles by Julie have created a range of quotation jars in various themes which contain a month's worth of quotations for inspiration, laughter, motivation and success. Our jars of thoughtful and happy quotations are the perfect gift for inspiring someone every day, to help them reflect on daily life and to reach for their goals.
  • THOUGHTFUL, PERSONAL TOUCH : Most importantly our Customers provide the best quotes -" Really lovely gift. Really put a smile on my friends face." ~ "Best thing I've purchased - love the idea!" ~ "....was extremely well received and was seen as a very thoughtful gift. I would definitely recommend this as a really kind thoughtful gift." ~ "Lovely unique gift. My friend was delighted with it."

The Perfect Fun Gift Of Smiles And Laughter In A Jar For Our Senior Friends & FamilyHave You Ever Struggled To Buy That Gift For Our More Mature Loved Ones Who Can Be So Difficult To Buy For? Have You Ever Looked For That Unusual Present That Will Be Enjoyed Day After Day? WELL NOW 'SMILES by JULIE' HAVE ARRIVED TO BRING YOU THE PERFECT SOLUTION. OUR UNIQUE 'JARS OF SMILES' ARE FILLED TO THE BRIM WITH QUOTATIONS FOR SENIOR MOMENTS TO CREATE LAUGHTER OR SIMPLY A RAISE OF THE EYEBROWS AND A KNOWING SMILE!HAPPY DAYS.........DAY AFTER DAY!! Quotes and Sayings are all around us and often make us pause for thought as we reflect on them as they bring a smile to our faces. And let's face it, we could always welcome a reason to smile☺Our jars are filled to the brim with colourful quotes to TAKE ONE DAILY. They provide simple reminders and words of wisdom to inspire you towards your own dreams & successes. We hope that you get as much enjoyment from them as we did in making them.Sample quotes from our range of jars include:- "Old Enough To Know Better And Still Too Young To Care" "Wrinkled Was Not One Of The Things I Wanted To Be When I Grew Up!" "Inside Every Older Person Is A Younger Person Wondering What The Heck Happened."OUR PROMISE TO YOUWe want you to be totally satisfied with your Jar of Smiles. When you order today, if for any reason you feel anything less than 100% happy with your purchase, simply contact us to receive a 100% refund of your purchase.Don't wait any longer... Click on the Add to Basket above......Show some-one how much you love them and order your Jar of Smiles now!