Froster Giant Hip Flask - Thirst Aid, 1.9l (67 oz) Capacity Stainless Steel...

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Froster Giant Hip Flask - Thirst Aid, 1.9l (67 oz) Capacity Stainless Steel XL Size Novelty Hipflask, Gift for Men Boyfriend Brother Best Friend, 21st, 30th Birthday Present, Joke Whiskey Gift

Product Details

  • Brand: Froster
  • Model Number: GAD02402
  • Item Weight: 540 g
  • Product Dimensions: 30 x 17 x 5.5 cm
  • Capacity: 1.90 litres
  • Material: stainless_steel
  • Shipping Weight: 540 g
  • IN A NUTSHELL: The Giant Hip Flask - Thirst Aid is a hip flask with a very large capacity, which looks like a funny first aid kit. This gadget is a funny pun gift, especially for men. This novelty gift with the inscription Thirst Aid will quench even the greatest thirst easily since you can fill it with 1.9 litres of alcohol.
  • FIRST AID HIP FLASK: Alcohol always runs out when you least expect it. In order to prevent it, suitable novelty gadget has been created - thirst aid hip flask. It can be a remedy for a bad day or a party that isn't rocked enough. It's made of stainless steel and with its appearance refers to a first aid kit.
  • BIG IMPRESSION: Do you want to make a HUGE impression on someone? Pull out the Giant Hip Flask - Thirst Aid during a party or watch as someone pulls it out from a gift bag. Something this big cannot stay unnoticed! This novelty hip flask will raise the interest and laughter of other party participants, it will also be an original reason to start a conversation with strangers.
  • FOR WHOM: The Giant Hip Flask will be a good gift idea for a friend, son, brother or the best mate. It will work well both as a present for a boyfriend, and for the medicine student. It will be a perfect outdoor party companion and a cool gift for a stag night and a hen party (especially if filled with vodka or whiskey). It can also be a funny gift for a woman with a GREAT sense of humour. :)
  • SPECIFICATIONS: Capacity: up to 1.9 liters (67 fl oz). Made of stainless steel. Material covering with the inscription Thirst Aid. Flask's dimensions: 30 x 17 cm.

The Giant Hip Flask - Thirst Aid is a funny hip flask with a capacity of 1.9 litres that looks like a first aid kit. In case of emergency, e.g. when during the party alcohol is running low, pull out a Thirst Aid hip flask and share it with your friends.

This stainless steel huge hip flask makes a nice gift for a fan of hard liquors, both whiskey and vodka. It doesn't matter if you plan to give it to your best friend, brother or the student at university - its large capacity will meet their full approval. Because the hip flask combines a humorous element with a practical one, it will also work perfectly as a 21st or 30th birthday gift for men and a stag party present idea.

Don't hesitate to bring it as a house-warming gift for friends - the thirst aid kit will help them survive the thirst, sorry - the first days in the new home. :)